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Muskoka Bear Wear brings their cottage clothes to Bala

Muskoka Bear Wear has opened a new Bala location, which brings the company's total to four stores through-out the region.

"We're excited to expand the brand and open another location," says Mark Fishman, marketing and sales for Muskoka Bear Wear. "Bala has its unique area, visitors and cottagers. And it has the Cranberry Festival. It just seemed like a great place for us to bring in our fourth store."

The Bala store, located at 1004 Bala Falls Rd., joins Port Carling as seasonal locations open from May to October, while Huntsville and Bracebridge operate year-round.

In 2003, Kevin Saunders, owner and creator of Muskoka Bear Wear, opened the first store in Bracebridge. Since then, the company has seen continued growth.

"We're very fortunate with our success," says Fishman.

"We're really come into our own. This is our eighth season as a brand. We always felt there are so many places to get a T-shirt or a hoodie that says the word Muskoka on it. That's not hard, that's everywhere. The only problem is there're not made in Canada. So, we thought, let's make an identifiable brand name - the paws is our trademark and our signature. Our philosophy is if it's going to say Muskoka on it, shouldn't it be Canadian made?"

Not only are the products made in Canada, they are all made in the province.

"We're excited to be not only the largest in Central Ontario, but the only one to offer Canadian-made goods," says Fishman. "Not just Canadian made, but Ontario made. So, all of our T-shirts hoodies, any kind of sweat top in general, are all cut, sewn, made, dyed... everything's 100% made in Ontario."

Written by Chris Occhiuzzi (via The Weekender)

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